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what, you thought dirty life was it?

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Name:The Dirty Life Universe
Website:Dirty Life
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Here we show you everything else that went on in the Dirty Life Universe.

This is the backstory, dedicated to roleplays and fiction that take place well before [community profile] dirty_life, well before yesterday, well before last year. These are the roleplays that defined who our characters are, what their families came from, and what happened before you met them in the game.

DH will have characters not seen in DL. DH will have room for players who are not in DL. There will be more information about how to join at a later time, so please don't join the community until you are formally accepted (and for DL players, join with character journals only).

ps: this is an original rpg; steal anything, copy anything, "borrow" anything and suffer a long, agonizing death. on a more technical note, these characters belong, 100%, to the creators--the only thing excepted are the icons--thus you may not borrow or copy any aspect of any character without express written permission.

pps: the layout was made by [community profile] vigils

ppps: dirty life rpg does not endorse unprotected sex or illegal substances. all drug use has not, and will never be glamourized in any way. we acknowledge the impact that drugs and unprotected sex can and does have and do not, in any way, encourage that sort of dangerous behavior. due to the controversial politics and health issues of both unprotected sex and substance use, we would like to remind the reader that all dirty life characters are fictional.

Interests (104):

a touch of incest somewhere, a few people still look the same, abuse, actors, actresses, affairs, alcohol, an interest in dogs, ancestry, ancient egypt (as viewed from 1920), backstory, bike rides that take flight, birth, births, blue blood, boating, broadway, bugs moran shares isabella's maiden name, calliope wagons, childhood exploration, circuses, civil wars of varying countries, concerts, coney island's heyday, dans la lune, death, deaths, decadence, deep dark secrets as they happened, diamonds and pearls, different incarnations ofthe same person, dirty history, dirty life, doctors, dogs in elephant costumes, drugs, fairy lights, first meetings, firsts of all sorts, four eyed cats, freak shows, friendships as they unfolded, grandparents before they were grandparents, heirs and heiresses, hindsight is 20/20 and it shows, holidays on the coast (any coast), hopefully lacking dinosaurs, horny (and immortal) irish sailors, hospitals, hunting, illegitimate children, illicit love, inferno parties, legendary circus folk, life, long lost letters, maiden names, marriages, mermaids, murderers, nurses, old hollywood, old parents, orange peel foot baths, performing arts, pet monkeys, poverty, pretenses, prison terms, riding, royalty from here and there, runaways, scandal, sea dragons, secrets not found in dirty life, socialites, some amount of significance, speakeasies, spoiled children, stage names, strange love, swimming in the nude, the capio siblings, the city, the fitzwilliams, the jersey shore, the ladder climb, the lavender diary, the little pearl, the sea, the sisters fitzwilliam, the usual business, the skeletons before the closet, things out of wedlock, things no one talks about anymore, tragedy, unrequited love, vaudevillians, victrola, wanna buy a duck?, world wars one and two, young british aristocrats, young love, young parents
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